Cramer: 15 things I learned about the changing tech sector from my week in Silicon Valley

An aerial view of the city of San Francisco skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge in California, October 28, 2021.
Carlos Barria | Reuters

It’s been more than two years — going back to the start of the Covid pandemic — since I have been able to do a deep dive of Silicon Valley. But over the past week I was able to reconnect with many executives, CEOs, and market insiders in CNBC’s San Francisco bureau, and I was blown away by what I learned and how different things have become. It is all pretty shocking compared even to the beginning of 2020.

I want to give Investing Club members an exclusive look at my observations and impressions of the global center of the technology industry. I narrowed it all down to 15 core takeaways. They should inform many of your investing decisions; I know they will inform ours in my Charitable Trust portfolio.

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