Sirona Biochem Corp. has signed an agreement with contract manufacturing organization (CMO) WuXi AppTec, Shanghai, for the small-scale production of TFC-1326, a powerful active against the aging effects on skin.

Years of groundbreaking research by Sirona’s team of scientists at TFChem has shown in preclinical studies that TFC-1326 has the potential to reverse the effects of aging on skin, including the potential to eliminate fine wrinkles. The scientific data are strong, and Sirona is now preparing for a clinical trial. There are no existing compounds that the company’s scientists are aware of that have the potential to reverse the effects of the aging process on skin to truly restore its structure and youthful appearance. The anti-aging and anti-wrinkle markets are estimated to be $271-billion (U.S.) globally by 2024.

Sirona is in advanced discussions with a leading clinical trial provider designing the planned clinical trial. Other necessary steps, including formulation and safety work, are being organized. As soon as this is completed and the clinical study starts, the company will provide further information on this.

“There are many anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products available on the market currently. But to truly reverse the damage to the skin integrity that occurs naturally with aging is an area of unmet need. Our goal is to demonstrate clinically the potential of TFC-1326 to restore the integrity of the skin and return a more youthful appearance. The treatment of fine wrinkles is also a goal. Botox is the most effective on dynamic wrinkles while static wrinkles typically are managed by fillers. TFC-1326 has the potential to replace or supplement dermal filler injections to treat these static wrinkles,” said Dr. Howard Verrico, chief executive officer of Sirona Biochem. “TFC-1326, with its unique mechanism of action, is revolutionary in the aesthetic skin care space. Like our recent success, licensing TFC-1067 and the corresponding compound family globally, we see this as another opportunity to showcase the tremendous potential of our platform technology. And, of course, we are pursuing another lucrative licensing agreement for TFC-1326.”

About Sirona Biochem Corp.

Sirona Biochem is a cosmetic ingredient and drug discovery company with a proprietary platform technology. Sirona specializes in stabilizing carbohydrate molecules with the goal of improving efficacy and safety. New compounds are patented for maximum revenue potential.

Sirona’s compounds are licensed to leading cosmetic and pharma companies around the world in return for licensing fees, milestone payments and continuing royalty payments. Sirona’s research and development unit, TFChem, is in France and is the recipient of multiple French national scientific awards and European Union and French government grants.

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