Leading with science at Regeneron turns promise to reality for patients

What core Regeneron Way value resonates with you most?

The Regeneron Way defines who we are, how we work and our ability to achieve the extraordinary for patients. One of the core values of the Regeneron Way is “Lead with Science,” which is at the heart of our decision-making every day. What target are we going to go after? What disease should we be targeting with a specific therapy? How should we be studying that treatment? How can we design our trails to show that the investigational treatment works? All of that’s driven by science.

What’s most exciting to you about the culture at Regeneron?

The collaborative spirit. We like to celebrate our successes together. We are doing a lot of departmental and team retreats as we’re coming back to the office from the pandemic to strengthen relationships and partnerships to help us continue to do great work together. 

We also have a culture of curiosity. Every day we work on something that we’ve never done before, whether it’s a new type of technology platform, a new disease that we haven’t studied yet or a new target pathway—there is something new to learn every day.

What is leadership like at Regeneron? 

In my experience, leadership at Regeneron is extremely engaged—in the science and the data and in our people. They dig in deeply and really understand the data, which is a key component of our science-driven decision-making at Regeneron. 

They also encourage us to work collaboratively and have built a culture where everyone has a voice, regardless of title, because good ideas come from everyone. If you have an idea to share or a scientific argument with the data to back it up, you will be heard and you will have the opportunity to contribute. There are many opportunities for individuals at all levels to participate in cross-functional brainstorming and problem solving.

What is your management style? How do you approach your leadership role at Regeneron?

My approach to leadership is to empower my team. I don’t like to micromanage; I like to hire people who know how to do things that I haven’t necessarily done myself. With this approach, we learn from one another, and they have the opportunity for them to have leadership of and active engagement with their projects.

I know that Regeneron is in my genes because of how passionate I am about my job. I would not still be here after 20 years if I wasn’t passionate about the work that we do. Every day we are focused on how to make a difference in patients’ lives. That’s what drives me and what drives our company.

Vice President, Head of Precision Medicine at Regeneron

Jennifer Davidson Hamilton, Ph.D., Vice President, Head of Precision Medicine at Regeneron

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