How to turn off the always-on display on the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max

iPhone 14 Pro Max always-on display.
Sofia Pitt

Apple‘s iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have a new feature called always-on display, which many Android phones have had for years. The advantage is that you can see your widgets, such as the date and the weather, as well as the time, in a low-light mode when your phone is locked. Apple says this feature won’t drain your battery.

Some people love the convenience of always being able to see their home screen widgets without having to touch their phones. I prefer turning it off so I’m not tempted to look down at my phone when I’m not using it and can stay focused on whatever I am doing in the present moment.

The good news is, the feature is optional. Here’s how to turn off the always-on display if you have the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max.

How to turn off the always-on display on iPhone 14 Pro

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap Display & Brightness.
  • Scroll down to Always On and toggle it off to deactivate the feature.
Always-on display toggled off on the iPhone 14 Pro Max.
Sofia Pitt

That’s it!

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